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Welcome to Herts Supper Kitchen!
Everyone likes good food.
We might have different preferences,
some of us like spicy, others embrace a more mild palette,
we might prefer 'comfort food' or a fine mixture of flavors.
But it has to taste good.
Herts Supper Kitchen
will offer an experience of top quality food products cooked with most care by myself
in a lovely and intimate environment of Mill House, Hertford.
Declan Smith, a dear friend
and an experienced front of house executive
will carefully attend to the ambiance of your dinner and the wine.
Together, with over 25 years of London experience and an understanding of fine food and fine service,
we hope to deliver exceptional memories for you and your taste buds.
If this sounds interesting, please book online now.
We have only 20 spaces available.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
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